Read below for some of our testimonials:

Tracey Pindar (Parent):

​"A huge thank you from us to you, for your patience, understanding and skill in helping Holly achieve, as she said to you this morning, "Riding my bike is  something I've always wanted to do." Learning to ride a bike is a great milestone for any child but, for a child with additional needs such as Holly's, it's absolutely massive and we are so grateful for your help.
At Holly's request, we're off up to the Chase tomorrow, so she can show her Dad what she can do!"

L. Swancott, Teacher at Knutton St. Mary's:

“The whole week was absolutely brilliant and the children were motivated and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Their behaviour when they came back to class was excellent which I think shows how focused they were and how much fun they had.

Thank you so much for your time, energy and enthusiasm!”

Wendy Birchall, KS1 Co-ordinator. St. Thomas Primary:
“Balance Bikes and Learn to Ride are great experiences for the children. All of them loved it. Time was given to each child, both the confident and less confident ones. Everything was very positive from the trainers”. 

Nicola Thorne, Florence's Mum:

“I just cannot believe you got Florence riding her bike unaided. She was really worried about not having her stabilisers on, but now she’s always asking to ride her bike so – Thank You!”

Corey (aged 6), St. Mary’s Primary School:

“This is the best Lesson ever”! 

Mrs Buckle, St Lukes CofE Primary:

“The team had a fantastic impact on the children. A lot of them came out of the sessions riding their bikes and those that already could had their confidence built up. A brilliant day.”

What We Do

We Deliver Bikeability Training and Cycling Services from North Staffordshire all across the county and beyond.

Our training is fun and interactive allowing all participants to build their skills and achieve their full potential. Whether it be in a Primary School setting, Adult Training or additional needs training all of our experienced instructors will ensure that everyone participating in our sessions moves forward and gains new skills.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • ​Bikeability Level 1
  • ​Bikeability Level 2
  • ​Bikeability Level 3
  • ​Bikeability Plus+ (Balance Bike Training, Learn to Ride, Fix, Ride, Transition, Scooters)
  • Adult Confidence training and Learn to Ride
  • Business Engagement and Dr Bike
  • Events coverage

Bikeability Plus

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Bikeability Plus is a series of modules aimed at different ages to maximise their potential on bikes, balance bikes and scooters.




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